So what have we learned during our 7-day Technology Detox? In this blog we’re going to share our three biggest takeaways from our experience without technology!

  1. Our first tip is don’t let technology be a ‘Distractionary Tool’! Technology is almost like white noise. It’s always on in the background, whether we know it is or not. The television is usually on playing a random show, even if no-one is watching it. Our social media apps are usually always running on our cell phones so we constantly receive notifications. Too often we use technology to distract us from everything else going on. It takes us out of our norm, and allows us to escape into a false reality of nonsense. Our encouragement would be not to let technology play a ‘distractionary’ role in your lives.
  2. Our second tip is to be more intentional with technology, rather than habitual. As we said in yesterday’s blog, A habit is defined as “a settled or regular tendency or practice.” We utilize our devices in such a manner that it becomes habitual to the point that when we do not have access to it, we get stressed or anxious. The alternative is to become more intentional with our devices. Intentional is defined as having “an aim or a plan.” We have to begin teaching ourselves to have a plan when it comes to using our devices.
  3. This leads us into our third tip: Set guidelines with technology. When we allow total freedom with their use is when we develop bad habits that are unhealthy. We need to have a plan regarding technology and its place in our lives. Day to day we should have a plan for how we are going to invest our time in such things.

We would encourage you to sit down and determine the role that technology currently plays in your life as an individual, couple, or family. If you determine that technology is playing a negative role, is being used as a distraction or out of habit, and thus taking away valuable time from your already precious days, we would ask you to consider doing this 7-Day Technology Detox.

We truly believe that after completing this 7-Day Detox, our days feel more full, our time feels much more well spent, and our minds feel more clear. We do not think there will be any regrets, as is the case with us, for anyone else who takes on this Detox!

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-The Hidys