This is Day 6 of the Technology Detox!

The question on our mind is what will happen when we finish this 7-day technology detox tomorrow? One thing we have learned during this challenge is that we do not want to be bound by technology. We think technology has it’s place in our lives, but we are still learning what the boundaries will be for our family.

In this post we want to tackle an overarching theme that has been weighing heavily on us regarding setting boundaries with technology.

We want to be intentional rather than habitual.

A habit is defined as “a settled or regular tendency or practice.” We know that watching television is a habit for most American families, including ours. It’s just something we do to pass the time, keep ourselves entertained, or buy us some time to get stuff done around the house while the kids stay occupied watching a show. The same goes for any kind of screen time. We utilize our devices in such a manner that it becomes habitual to the point that when we do not have access to it, we get stressed or anxious.

So what’s the solution? We believe that we need to become more intentional, rather than habitual with our devices. Intentional is defined as having “an aim or a plan.” We have to begin teaching ourselves to have a plan when it comes to using our devices, such as our television, cell phones, computers, tablets, etc. When we allow total freedom with their use is when we develop bad habits that are unhealthy.

We need to have a plan regarding technology and its place in our lives. Day to day we should have a plan for how we are going to invest our time in such things. Are we going to watch 1 hour of television per day? Are we going to check social media for 30 minutes a day, perhaps at the same time each day? Are we going to allow our children to watch only 30 minutes of television in the morning, and perhaps 30 minutes after school each day? These are examples of what setting healthy boundaries with technology can look like. The options are endless, and each family, couple, or individual will need to evaluate your own lives to see what healthy boundaries you can set.

We are currently trying to determine what our family’s boundaries are going to be in order to continue trying to turn our bad habits into good intentions. Our journey is about finding more bliss in life. We want more happiness. We have determined that setting healthy boundaries with technology, and trying to get rid of the bad habits associated with it, will ultimately provide us with more time to spend effectively engaging one another in a positive manner. We are sure this will provide us much more happiness.

Like we’ve said in previous posts, we really encourage you to take this 7-Day Technology Detox. We believe it will open your eyes to some harsh truths, and force you to discuss the role technology plays in your lives, just as it has done in our lives.

Check out our Youtube videos from during the Detox on our Youtube page.