Are we designed to need constant engagement? This was the question we asked ourselves this morning. Whenever we’re bored we immediately turn to screen time entertainment. It’s an easy distraction from the norm, an easy escape from the reality in front of us. Is it part of human nature, however, to always have a need for that entertainment? Can we not be satisfied in the periodic moments of quietness of life? Do our minds need to be constantly entertained, even if that constant entertainment is meaningless and does nothing whatsoever for our over all well-beings? 

Today we took our children to the Tulsa Children’s Museum Discovery Lab. This was a perfect example of what it looks like to be constantly engaged. Our children loved this experience. Fun things to do, awesome hands-on science experiments to participate in, and so much more!

Are adults similar to this? Do we also need this constant entertainment to feel like our days are full or satisfied? We’re struggling with this notion currently. We’re wondering if we are trying to keep our day’s “full” because that’s what society tells us to do, or that’s what the norm is. Or maybe social media, which shows us only the high points of people’s days (like our youtube videos), are creating a false reality for people. 

***REALITY CHECK: We have arguments. We discipline our children. We just don’t show those types of things on camera. 

Just because we don’t show it, does not mean it does not happen. Same goes for Facebook. We see glimpses of everyone’s best moments form the day. When we see these, and feelings of competitiveness creep in. “Why aren’t our days as perfect as theirs? Are we doing something wrong?” 

Let us assure you, you are doing nothing wrong! This is one of the problems with technology. Simply put, nothing is left unsaid. Family’s post their best moments, and other family’s try to one-up them, or at the least match it. Reality is, however, no one is perfect. Everybody has their struggles. 

Our tip for today is this: Don’t let other people’s false reality’s set an example for your life. Set your own example. Live by your own rules. You will be much more happier when you live your lives according to your rules, than you ever would be trying to live up to the daily “high moments” of social media!

Thanks for reading our blog today! Check back tomorrow for an update on Day #4! 

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