Today is day 2 of our tech detox. We are trying to spend more time engaging one another, rather than using technology as an excuse to distract us from one another. Simply put, we want less “screen time” and more “face time”.

Today started like any normal day, I got up, then Trey got up. It was interesting to see how Trey acted this morning when he came out and sat on the couch like he normally does, but today there was no TV. Normally he would wake up, get something small to eat and a drink, and then go sit on the couch and watch a morning show. I was sitting there watching him to see what he would do and within about 5 minutes he looked at me and asked if the weather was nice outside. 

His first instinct was to go outside and play. Of course I obliged and allowed him to go outside and enjoy the fresh air. To my surprise he got on his swing and just sat there. He did not swing. He literally just sat on it. I’m sure that mostly that’s because he can’t push himself on his swing. I also think he was trying to figure out what else he could do to engage his mind. He’s a thinker, and as such he likes to always be engaged in activities. 

I took the kids to the gym for a quick workout, then we headed to pick up Amber and Ava, and took off for the Tulsa air and space Museum. It’s always worth it to check out different points of interest in your city to get to know your city. 

The Tulsa air and space Museum was great! It was full of planes, antique and modern age, and NASA memorabilia to look at. The best part was it was very kid friendly. It had several things that engaged the kids, ranging from planes they could climb into and act like they were flying, space ship launches where they pushed all the buttons and watched a space ship take off, as well as a hot air ballon simulation they got to fly! 

After that we went to the planetarium to see the show, “Stars”. It is always incredible to be reminded of how small we are amidst the vast universe and all of its power and energy. This world is a blessing, and every day we have with one another is a blessing! After the Planetarium Dean and Trey headed to his baseball game, and Amber went to work for a couple of hours. Ultimately, we all ended up back at the house for an incredible sunset together in the backyard!

Remember, this life isn’t about checking social media to see what everyone else has done with their day. Get out and make lasting memories with your loved ones! You will never regret spending more time with, and engaging one another more!

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