DOWNSIZING WITH KIDS! (Minimizing Kid’s Toys!)

What is it like downsizing with kids? We went from a large home where our kids had their own rooms, to a mobile home with 1,000 square feet and our kids now share a room! Why? To us the answer is simple: we want to spend less so that we can live more! Check out some of our videos and follow our experience!

-The Hidys

One thought on “DOWNSIZING WITH KIDS! (Minimizing Kid’s Toys!)

  1. Interesting… The average kid plays with 10-12 of their 300 toys?
    Wow! Don’t know which is more shocking: the 300 toys, or that they’re only playing with about 3% of what they have! Ouch!
    I hope I never have to justify my toy (or tool) count! LOL!


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