Balancing Our Well-Being in Law Enforcement!

As Police Officers we often find it difficult to find balance in our lives. The things we see, the difficult moments that are hard to forget, often replay themselves throughout our days, weeks, months, and perhaps even years to come. So how do we find balance in our lives?

Of the Four Well-Beings Amber and I discuss often, our Spiritual Well-Being is the most important. Finding balance is difficult for Law Enforcement because we often hold our difficult moments in, rather than let go of them and cast them aside.

I had a great opportunity to sit down with Pastor & Chaplain Tim Ralph​. Tim is the founding pastor at New Covenant Church in Larkspur Colorado, and is a Chaplain for the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office​ in Castle Rock, CO. His 40+ years of experience provides him a rare look into the difficulties that plague Law Enforcement from a spiritual perspective. I will never forget Tim’s advice, and wanted to share it with you all! So take a look at the video below, and share it with your friends in Blue!

Thank you, Tim!


One thought on “Balancing Our Well-Being in Law Enforcement!

  1. Deb Stucky

    I think a christian counselor could be added to your list of people to talk to. The average person cannot handle the difficult gut wrenching stories you deal with as a public servant. Whether you are a police officer, social worker, school nurse, pastor, school teacher etc. The world is messed up and the people in it have huge problems. If you have any empathy for people it brings you down because you feel their pain. The problems are not easily solved and are complicated.


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