So what is the 333 Challenge? Project 333 was started in 2010 by a woman wanting more with less. She wanted to remove the disruptions that her daily wardrobe struggle brought her. This challenge would soon be well received by thousands of people looking to accomplish the same thing in their lives! Project 333, or the 333 Challenge, was featured on The Today Show and also in Oprah’s Magazine, among many other formats. Thousands of people embraced the challenge and many of them found additional freedom in their lives. The realization that we do not always need more, and that we can actually be more happy with less, soon revolutionized people’s closets, homes, lives, and minds!

The rules are simple: You can utilize just 33 clothing items for 3 months. This includes accessories and jewelry! This is day 1 for Amber and we documented her selection process in a video. Granted we have already significantly downsized our material possessions, including our wardrobes. However, even with the clothes Amber had remaining, this selection process proved to be difficult for her. So keep checking back for updates as this challenge progresses for her!

*Amber is 4 months pregnant right now, so her 33 items will have to be occasionally swapped out for clothes that fit as her pregnancy moves along.

Watch this funny video of Amber going through her clothes, shoes and accessories to narrow down to the 33 items she is going to utilize the next 3 months! And if you so choose to accept the challenge with her, let us know in the comments section below!

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