How do we measure happiness? What factors do we consider when we ask ourselves; am I happy? Maybe we are happy at home, but at work we are stressed and unpleased. Perhaps you are very successful at your job and you receive a lot of praise for the work you do, but at home you feel like a mediocre spouse or parent. Regardless of the situation you find yourself in, the path to success is more near than you may think. Sometimes happiness is a small leap away. One small decision can alter your entire journey. So instead of settling, let’s thrive and find bliss in our lives.

This is the story of David. He is a full time police officer who has a passion for physical fitness. His journey to bliss has led him to opening up his own Crossfit gym in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, called Buffalo Nickel Crossfit. David now works two full time jobs in an attempt to achieve his goal of being a full time gym owner. Why? Because this is what makes him most happy. David’s definition of success, like our own, is un-American. He finds his success in his own happiness and bliss, rather than in what society tells him to. He chose to follow his heart and his calling in life, and that decision has led to happiness and contentment for him.

In the effort to find true bliss in life we must be willing to commit to the journey, and be disciplined in our efforts. Journeys to bliss can, and often times will, involve difficult decisions, financial hardships, feelings of regret, and even moments of doubt. The real question is how hard are you willing to work to find happiness in life? When those difficulties arise will you be able to ignore them and focus on the reality? You are doing what you feel called to do, all in an effort to live a happy and successful life.

Take a few minutes and watch David’s story. Our hope is that whatever your next step is in life, whether that be downsizing, decluttering, or perhaps a major decision, that you will be inspired to take the leap towards bliss, rather than settle for a mediocre and unsatisfying life.

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